Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2018

I love festivals in Thailand. They are the reflection of Thai tradition and way of live. The Chiang Mai Flower Festival i
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Mike Thailandee

The Buddhist Monk Ordination

Monks are often thought of as being deeply spiritual folk, who have dedicated their entire lives to the temple, which is

My 10 favorite temples in Northern Thailand

If I look back to all my journeys in Thailand over the past years, the Northern Region is probably the part of the countr

The Songbird Enthusiast (Nok Hua Juck)

Life in Isan moves slowly at times, and between harvests in particular, so it is normal for people to have a second job,
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Allan Wilson

Phuket's wild fantasy: Phi Phi island, Maya bay and Blue Lagoon

A trip to Phuket is incomplete without having a day out at Phi Phi island, Maya Bay, and Blue Lagoon :) The best time

Street food in Thailand

When it comes to food, not even the most authentic articles, photos, or videos do it justice. This is actually what happe

Wooden go-kart racing at Thailand’s Mon Chaem Hill

Riding Down the Slope Like Crazy via Wooden Go Kart Racing at Thailand’s Mon Chaem Hill Forget about
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Jojo Vito

Five Amazing Things to See in the Pha Taem National Park, Isan!

We are somewhere high on top of a rock in the Isan region overlooking the Mekong River. We can see monks standing at the

Presenting the Quieter Side of Pattaya

People have an obsession with beauty. I don’t know when it first occurred to someone that being around or possessin

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