Shambhala in Your Heart Festival in Chiang Dao

I spent my Valentine’s Day waking up in a bed that clearly wasn’t mine. Don’t get your hopes up! I woke up
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Joanna Szreder

Chiang Rai: an amazing Thai town rich with nature, culture and sustainable tourism

Chiang Rai is an amazing city in the north of Thailand that is rich with nature, monuments, sustainable, adventure, food and


When Chiang Mai puts on a grand cultural parade during Loi Krathong

Most tourists associate Loi Krathong with the now famous activity and sight of paper lanterns floating in the air. What doesn

Shades of Saffron

I have always had an intrigue in Buddhism in Thailand, and the lives of monks in their saffron robes. But the more I learn of
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Live Less Ordinary

A place rich in Thai culture - an hour from bustling Bangkok

Maybe it’s just me, but when people mention Thailand, the first place I think of is BANGKOK! The city of shopping, mass


The Thai Zodiac and Songkran, the Thai New Year

How the Thai calendar differs from the Gregorian, what Thai fortune-tellers do and the Thailand water festival that’s a

Tesagan Gin Je (Phuket Vegetarian Festival)

Tesagan Gin Je festival is an annual celebration in honour of the Nine Emperor Gods, deities who control people’s desti
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What's Special About Hua Hin's Night Markets

If you’re looking for a 3-hour drive get away spot from the busy city of Bangkok, Hua Hin might just be the perfect pla


Morning Monks in Chiang Mai

“Get up at sunrise tomorrow if you want to see the monks” said our hotel manager as we checked in at the receptio