Shambhala in Your Heart Festival in Chiang Dao

I spent my Valentine’s Day waking up in a bed that clearly wasn’t mine. Don’t get your hopes up! I woke up
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Joanna Szreder

A day in the life of a volunteer in Kamala, Phuket

Waking up every morning to a sunny and bright day, breathing in the humidity, the smells of the ocean, frangipani trees and f


World-Class Art From Pattani Mud • THAILAND

I’m back in Thailand – this time in Pattani, in the “Deep South”. It’s home to the world-cl

Chiang Rai: an amazing Thai town rich with nature, culture and sustainable tourism

Chiang Rai is an amazing city in the north of Thailand that is rich with nature, monuments, sustainable, adventure, food and
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The ''humans'' of LopBuri

Planet of Apes? Many people have seen the movie at cinema. Monkey across the land live along humans and act like us too. W


I love Thai food!

Thai food, a synonym of fascination, is most renowned for its unique way of balancing tastes between sweet, sour, spicy and b

When Chiang Mai puts on a grand cultural parade during Loi Krathong

Most tourists associate Loi Krathong with the now famous activity and sight of paper lanterns floating in the air. What doesn
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A Slice of paradise on Ko Phi Phi

As the ferry draws closer to the islands, you'll notice every tourists' jaw drop open; mesmerized by the majestic lim


The Noble Art of Muay Thai

Movies, comics and videos are enough to enchant every young children imagination. My desire from young age was to become a wa