Wooden go-kart racing at Thailand’s Mon Chaem Hill


Riding Down the Slope Like Crazy 
via Wooden Go Kart Racing 
at Thailand’s Mon Chaem Hill


Mon Chaem Hill


Forget about the flashiest and the fastest cars built with cutting-edge technology in mind, for somewhere in the mountainous region of Chiang Mai in Thailand (Mon Chaem Hill), bare-bones, engineless wooden karts are the fad in a given occasion.

While not totally removed of the progress and development commonly seen in the developing world, the elevated region of the Doi Mon Chaem maintains its rather preserved state as a highly agricultural region. 

In fact, this was so true, Mon Chaem is a home to Nong Hoi Royal Project, which is a wide area of plantations that are, ironically, composed of crops that generates good yield as to alleviate the community’s economic status, reduce poverty, and mitigate any endemic problem that affects its environment.

Mon Chaem is evidently not without its slopes which makes for an exhilarating slope-y climb to higher areas from the lower grounds. 

More excitingly, however,  is the ride of a lifetime from the higher elevation of the region downwards involving the use of primitive vehicles called the wooden go kart. 

Similar to the modern go kart but minus all the sophistication of the mobile engine, what you get is a set of carefully pieced vehicular contraption solely made out of wood, possibly with the exception of its wheels. 

Absent with what would be the steer, you would have to improvise, however, when riding on this set of wheels. Intuitively enough, it’s your feet that will be your tool when making a steer to a certain direction.

That and the idea that the wooden go kart’s break is also made out of wood make for a somewhat daredevil ride down the slope yet is thrilling enough to keep the effort of getting at a higher place worth it.

If you find the fast and busy life in the city too toxic for you and wanted a place for retreat, you can never go wrong to find some respite at the Mon Chaem Hill in Thailand.

Jojo Vito: A graduate school professor, management consultant and artist designing for his own handicraft business, The Jojo Vito Designs Gallery. A passionate blogger writing for several blogs: thehappytrip, toponmylist, and pinoybisniz

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