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What's Special About Hua Hin's Night Markets

If you’re looking for a 3-hour drive get away spot from the busy city of Bangkok, Hua Hin might just be the perfect place for you! It’s family friendly, typically quiet, nice beach and whether you are staying at a cheap hotel or a luxurious resort, there are places for you to visit around just minutes drive from your location. 


Who doesn’t love to roam around a local night market? There are plenty of shops and stalls open selling many different souvenir options, clothes, and of course, the food. You can find local street foods, including Coconut ice creams, Durian Ice cream, Thai cold teas, Roti and etc.

Not only Hua Hin is known for its nice beach, they are also known for a good seafood restaurants which is located inside Hua Hin Market. It’s where you can enjoy variety of different fresh seafoods including Oysters, King Prawns and Lobsters. Lobster retails for 1,600-2,000 THB per kilo. Most restaurants will cook the lobster for you however you like them for free. We’ve dine in at Lung Ja Seafood Restaurant where Mark Weins, a food blogger/Youtuber ate at in their Lobster episode.

Hua Hi night market is open from 6:00 to midnight. You can walk around the night market at 5:30, most of them are opening their stores and the place would not be so crowded. 

CICADA MARKET (Night Market)

Another must-visit night market is Cicida Night market. It’s a market that offers mostly food but artworks and stunning paintings are also showcased in the area which are available for purchase. This market offers a wide variety of local dishes like Khao Soi(northern noodles), Khao Man Gai, Som Tum, Tom Yam and other tradition Thai foods. In this market, they use coupon so make sure to bring cash and change your money in the changing booth. 

Bonus: If you walk towards the end of the market to the next street, you would see a more local market offering different Thai food, in this small market (does not belong to Cicada market), you’d find that most items are slightly cheaper than the ones inside Cicada market. The seats are less comfortable and location is much smaller than Cicada. 

Bonus Bonus: So you’ve walked around Cicada market and the local Thai night market. If you walk towards the road coming from the local Thai night market you would see another night market named Tamarind Market. In Tamarind market the selection of food is pretty similar to the previous market and prices are similar to Local Thai market. They also have a band performing for your entertainment. 

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