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A place rich in Thai culture - an hour from bustling Bangkok

Maybe it’s just me, but when people mention Thailand, the first place I think of is BANGKOK! The city of shopping, massages and amazing food! But a week long of shopping can be very draining, even for girls like myself. So we took a day trip to Ayutthaya, just slightly an hour away from Bangkok, to experience the richness and fullness of Thai culture.

We went to Bang Pa-In Royal Palace, where we saw the different architectural styles adopted by Thai royalty there. There were the Thai-styled pointy roofs and then there were more modern English-styled mansions and Chinese-styled temples. It was like a melting pot of Southeast Asian cultures converging. Note that to be respectful to their culture, no shorts should be worn inside!

We visited the Wat Phanan Choeng where we saw a large 19-meter indoor Buddha, and watched as many people, locals and tourists alike, cram to the front to worship their God and place offerings.

Then we went to the Ayutthaya Floating Market! This was something I have never seen before in Singapore. Each boat sold a different Thai cuisine. They originated long ago, when Thailand was in low wetlands, prone to flooding. Many settled beside the source of water, and therefore transported via boats. There were multi-colored glutinous rice, beef soup, noodles. It was so difficult to decide what to have for lunch!

Finally, we ended our day climbing the steps of at Wat Chaiwatthanaram. The temple, having some parts destroyed over the years, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site preserved from its original state. Many of the statues are headless, many of the steps are also in shambles, because they were destroyed by Burmese armies in 1767 during a raid. But these are what makes it even more authentic. That it was not drastically modified since the beginning of its conception.

Here is a video of Ayutthaya:

There are just so many experiences in Ayutthaya that neither photographs nor videos can express its magnificence. You’ll have to go there to experience it for yourself! Thanks for reading!~

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