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I love Thai food!

Thai food, a synonym of fascination, is most renowned for its unique way of balancing tastes between sweet, sour, spicy and bitter, and its vibrant appearance expressed through colors and the variety of options. From delicate royal banquet served at Michelin restaurants to local dishes spotted at night street vendors, Thai food has always had its way to my heart through the stomach.

I always held high expectations before traveling to Thailand, and every trip so far has been a heavenly journey that blessed me with its cuisine. Eating my way through Thailand is now a leisure that I wish to keep in my life forever.

For the past couple of years, Thai food has caught global attention through international tourism and global market. Such phenomenon, to my delight, has prompted the opening of many cooking classes for tourists in Thailand. These classes guide you through the essentials: from the introduction to cooking ingredients, to the hands-on cooking in practice, and finally, rewarding you with your own homemade Thai food! By participating in one of these classes, I learned not only the factual preparation of Thai cuisine, but also how Thai people express their culture though their love for food and nature, by feeding themselves and giving back to the gods.

Thai food is therefore not only a representation of Thai culture, but also a display of the Thai philosophy of living. Lastly, I highly recommend Thai cooking classes to any tourist going to Thailand for a richer taste (literally!) and more intimate experience of Thai culture. Although I might never become a chef myself, I sure learned a lot from these cooking classes, ranging from the Thai optimism to their love and respect for the living and the sacred gods: this must be the secret of why Thai people are always smiling!

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