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The ''humans'' of LopBuri

Planet of Apes?

Many people have seen the movie at cinema. Monkey across the land live along humans and act like us too. Well, this is happening at Lopburi at the amazing country of Thailand.

Known as Lavo during much of its history, Lopburi probably dates to prehistoric times. Lopburi is one of the oldest cities in Thailand. The name Lavo originated in the Dvaravati period (6th–11th century CE). The conquering Khmer would build many impressive temples in the city during its rule.

Lopburi's monkeys are a type of Macaque, the second most common primates in the world (after humans, of course). I’ve never been anywhere like this, where wild small animals coexist alongside humans so casually. I realised, these monkeys were everywhere… camping out in the beds of parked trucks, sitting on the sidewalk next to dogs, hanging from telephone wires ,at the markets and also at the roads across the cars the were running so happy.After seeing all these I wondered myself , Who rules the town and who is merely a tolerated resident?

And then at the end of the (very short) road, looming in front of me  was Phra Prang Tom Yot …or aka. the famed Monkey Temple. As long as you go up the stairs of the entrance you feel the energy of these little creatures.They have their own kind of civilization inside the temple .You can watch the hierarchy or some kind of ranking they have each other. Also you see mothers taking care their children or worse fights between male monkeys.

Visitors can get to Lopburi by either bus or train. Many prefer taking the railway to get to this historic city, as the journey provides for some pretty stunning scenery along the way. By train, the journey to Lopburi takes about two hours. The train station is found at Hua Lamphong Railway Station, otherwise known as the Bangkok Train Station. Trains leave about every hour. Tickets are fairly affordable, though the price does differ depending on the train and the seat visitors get. Some trains are faster than others, as well.

Modern life generally is now very different, more industrialised and urban, but the animals we live with continue to carry great social and symbolic weight. Believe me it worth all the time and travel to see this magical picture, realize and feel the glory of nature without forgetting that we are all equal, we are all the same.

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