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A day in the life of a volunteer in Kamala, Phuket

Waking up every morning to a sunny and bright day, breathing in the humidity, the smells of the ocean, frangipani trees and fried noodles from the nearby restaurant. Layering yoghurt over the sweetest mango I have ever tasted in my life for breakfast, leaving my flat and taking a bicycle to cycle through a small road leading to the local school. On the way, greeting local shop owners, massage ladies and taxi drivers hanging out in their wooden houses waiting for their next customers. After just a month or two, they already know me. Every time I pass them they greet me with a friendly “hello teacher!!“

As I enter the grounds of the school, all the students, together with the other teachers, are already lined up on the playground listening to the morning song. Once they finish and they notice me, they run up to me and submerge me in hugs and big hearty smiles. I continue on my way to our office where I find my colleagues, who are from all over the world.

My American colleague, Taylor, and I start today´s class with a rainbow song as we are trying to teach the kids colours. They love trying to be the first to find the correct colour. The class is filled with laughing, excitement and more hugs.

In the afternoon we have a special event for all those who live in the school orphanage. Kind supporters of the foundation have arranged for a local man to make delicious pancakes dripping with fruit, coconut milk and chocolate for all the kids living here. Even the director of the school joins in. We help the kids choose the flavours they want, trying to talk to them in English as much as we can. The event is a success for everyone involved. It's so very satisfying to see the smiles on those little faces, knowing that what we do has meaning.

Once we are finished I head off to spend the rest of my day on the beach, which is only a five minute walk from my flat. It´s what I have always dreamed of. I am meeting local guys who run all the water activities on the beach all day long for the tourists and sipping Singha beer while watching the stunningly beautiful sunset that only mother nature can create. People slowly pack away their towels or nap on the sunbeds, enjoying the last of the sun's rays.

Then, I am off to dinner at the neighbouring 'Popey' restaurant where I'm greeted by the always-smiling Pepsi who already knows what my order will be.

Volunteering in Kamala was a simply amazing experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who would like to see what life in a real Thai village is like.

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