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The 3Cs of Chiang Mai: Scenes From The City

Thailand is a beautiful country. It's a great country for food, shopping, islands and beaches, jungles, mountains and wildlife, and not to mention, magnificent Buddhist temples. I was in Chiang Mai for a couple of days at the end of January, and some of the activities I did were the usual touristy stuff such as temple visits, night markets and a day tour to the Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai province.

Chiang Mai is situated in northern Thailand and also known as the "Rose of the North". It's a smaller city than Thailand's capital, Bangkok, and is surrounded by the countryside and mountains, thus the city is greener, cleaner and quieter. During my stay in Chiang Mai, the weather was cool in the mornings and evenings with temperatures of 18 to 23 degrees Celsius but soared up to 30 degrees in the afternoon. Sunny but not humid, unlike Bangkok or Malaysia. In fact, Chiang Mai experienced a cold snap a week before I arrived - temperatures dipped just below 10 degrees - people were wrapped in sweaters and jackets.

What I like about Chiang Mai is the Old City, a walled square built over 700 years ago, surrounded by a moat. Today, obviously the Old City area is developed but some of the walls remain intact. There are many attractions in the Old City and majority of the attractions are easily accessible by tuk tuk, red bus (songthaew) or on foot. I chose to walk (exercise is always good!) as my hotel was located not too far from these attractions - only 10-15 minutes' walk.

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