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Thai massage

Thailand is a wonderful world with its seething with life streets every day. Many visitors come to this fabulous country every year. Beautiful landscape and nature will not leave you indifferent. Surface of the water with its marine life make you immerse in the world of magic.

In order to fully relax and enjoy the journey, Thais offer a traditional Thai massage for tourists.

The roots of Thai massage are in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of healing and Chinese medicine, the oldest one in the world. History of Thai massage has about 2500 years. Thai massage is a medical system that is based on Buddhist spirituality and yoga. It is a treatment method implemented by stimulation of biologically active points and a set of exercises borrowed from yogis’ practice.

The historical center of traditional Thai medicine and school of "royal" Thai massage has become, since it was founded in the seventeenth century, the temple "Wat Po" that is currently in Bangkok.

Both rich and a tourist with a tight budget can take an advantage of the massage service, because the price of it is not high. There is a very big competition between the masseurs. Everyone will be able to find heartwarming master and appropriate type of massage.

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