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Thailand through the kitchen

Thailand is a wonderful country with amazing cuisine. Everyone who visited this country will tell you that Thai kitchen- it's really something fascinating. It is believed that this is one of the main reasons why tourists love this country. After all, it combines not only the national cuisine, but also Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, European and Indian. So everyone can find what he wants.

It is also impossible not to visit the night markets, where there is an abundance and wide variety of Thai cuisine. Seeing such a spectacle sometimes want to try everything at once. I must say that the Thais are famous for the ability to cook any food is good. For example: savory and sweet dishes, fried and boiled, steamed and baked in general, you can easily get lost in this great variety of food. You can also meet a lot of rice dishes as it is a dominant figure among the dishes.

Thailand is a country of spices. And it says it is not in vain. Sometimes it seems that every inhabitant of Thailand could not do without a spice in cooking. That is what gives them such an unusual flavor kitchen. After seeing all this I want to say: What is it? And trying to say: Wow! I must say the people here are kind and polite. Just what do you ask immediately with pleasure.

Yes indeed, this country fascinates and surprises. It is not for nothing they say that Thailand is a fabulous place!

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