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Road tripping through Thailand

Many travellers believe the best way to experience the local cultures and life of Thailand is to take the train or the bus. Now don’t get me wrong. Those are still some of the most amazing ways to travel the country but I’ve always had the most memorable experiences in my own car that taken me far and wide to the remotest parts of Thailand where I couldn’t imagine going by local transportation. It gave me the opportunity to observe everything around me and if something caught my eye, I could easily stop and admire it more or even interact with it.

I simply love the freedom of navigating as I please and discovering new routes. Take the time we spontaneously decided to go to the untouched Doi Ang Khang rather than the touristic Pai. Or how about the time we were stranded in the hills of Phetchabun and were miraculously saved by a local living in the area. I’ve taken the roads less traveled and ventured into cities and communities that were never on my itinerary or intended roadmap.


I’ve driven through beautiful mountain ranges to visit hilltop tribes in the North and across stunning coastal roads to witness local communities in the South East. 

I’ve partied with tourists and locals alike in the islands of the South. I’ve experience it all. I’ve also shared meals with a local tour guide who insisted I ride in his car instead of mine as he took me to the majestic Phraya Nakhon Cave in Prachuap Khiri Khan.

Road trips have always given me new perspectives as they introduced me to local people, places and experiences otherwise unbeknownst to me. Thailand, you beauty, yet I still have so much for me to discover and explore.

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